Monday 8 July 2024

How to Report a Lost or Stolen Vehicle in the UK

Has your car vanished? Don't panic! Follow these steps to locate it or report it stolen:

Double-Check Parking:

It might sound obvious, but a surprisingly common reason for a "missing" car is simply forgetting where you parked it. Take a moment to retrace your steps and ensure you haven't misplaced it.

GPS Tracking:

Many modern cars have built-in GPS trackers for theft or loss situations. If yours does, contact your tracking service first. They'll locate your car and, if stolen, likely contact the police on your behalf.

Check with TRACE (London Only):

If you're in London, consider your car towed for illegal parking. TRACE is a service that helps locate vehicles towed by any London council. They'll tell you where your car is and how to get it back. You can use their online form or call them at 0300 077 0100 (textphone 0300 123 2050).

Contact DVLA (Untaxed Vehicles):

If your car lacked valid tax, it might have been impounded by NSL on behalf of the DVLA. Check the DVLA website for information on retrieving vehicles from their pounds.

Report a Stolen Vehicle:

If you genuinely believe your car has been stolen, report it to the police as soon as possible, or use @MetCC.


  • Gather details like your car's registration number, make, model, and colour before contacting the authorities.
  • This guide is a starting point. Procedures may vary slightly depending on your location.

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