Wednesday 10 July 2024

Fight Spam with Email Aliases

Aliases are a great tool to help reduce spam in your inbox. Here's how they work:

  • Creating an Alias: An alias is essentially a different email address that forwards emails to your main inbox. You can create aliases with many email providers or use third-party services like Firefox Relay (
  • Using Aliases Strategically: The key to reducing spam is to use a different alias for every website or service you sign up for. This way, if a website leaks your email address or starts sending spam, only that specific alias gets affected.
  • Benefits of Aliases: There are several advantages to using aliases:
    • Reduced Spam: By containing spam to specific aliases, you can keep your main inbox clean and organized.
    • Privacy Protection: You don't have to give out your real email address to every site, reducing the risk of your information being sold or breached.
    • Easy Unsubscribe: If you start receiving spam on a specific alias, you can simply delete it without affecting your main account.
  • Limitations of Aliases: It's important to remember that aliases aren't a foolproof solution:
    • Not All Services Accept Aliases: Some websites might not recognize email addresses with "+" symbols or other characters used for creating aliases.
    • Catch-All Issues: Enabling "catch-all" on your domain to accept any email address can backfire, turning your inbox into a spam magnet.

Overall, aliases are a valuable tool in your fight against spam. By using them strategically and understanding their limitations, you can significantly reduce unwanted emails and protect your privacy.

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