Friday, 24 June 2022

Beware of BP fuel card scams circulating on Facebook


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Rising fuel costs are on scammers’ radars, inspiring them to create new ways of tempting you to part with your money. A scam Facebook ad impersonating BP claims to give you the chance of receiving 200 litres of fuel for just £1.78. It’s a sponsored post – which means the scammer is paying to get it in front of as many people as possible.

Find out how to identify, avoid and report this scam.

Fake fuel cards

WARNING opportunist thieves on the lookout at night

Please be aware that on Friday 24 June 2022 03:40hrs a male offender attempted a car entry by trying car door on a  resident's drive in Cold Blow Crescent, Bexley - as shown in the video footage.

The resident immediately alerted the incident to their coordinator on Neighbourhood Watch.

So far report of two vehicles looted but nothing of value taken. The coordinator had further report of two tents in woods at the back of Cold Blow Crescent, that may or may not be related.

This is a warning to residents to check your CCTV footage or If you think you may have seen or heard anything suspicious, or have any information related to this incident then please contact the police on 101, or 020 8721 2816, or via email at alternatively you can call them above or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 1111.

We have had reports across the Borough and in Cold Blow Crescent of vehicles that have been left unlocked on driveways which have been being looted at night time.
Perhaps before going to bed have a routine of locking doors front and back and check vehicles are also locked - (also suggest don't leave anything of value in view). Further tips to protect your vehicle here.

Bogus caller ID to be blocked in bid to thwart scammers


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Phone networks will have a duty to block obvious scam calls under Ofcom plans

Scam callers will be blocked from displaying obviously fake caller IDs to potential victims under tough new rules.

The new measure aims to tackle the problem of 'number-spoofing' scams, in which scammers display fake numbers or text message shortnames to mask their true identity.

Loopholes in the current technology and regulation mean scam victims can receive, for example, calls that appear to come from the genuine helpline of their bank, or texts which display a bank's name.

Almost 45 million people were targeted by scam calls and texts in the summer of 2021, according to Ofcom.

Introduction of Confirmation of Payee fraud prevention tool


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Good news. Hundreds of banks and building societies must soon introduce the name-checking tool Confirmation of Payee (CoP) to help prevent bank transfer scams.

But what is CoP? Well, it’s easy to assume that your bank will warn you if you make a mistake when sending an electronic payment. But this isn’t always the case. CoP is the only way your bank can tell you if the name you've entered matches the account details held by the receiving bank.

This is something we’ve repeatedly called for as a crucial layer of scam protection. In the first half of 2021, bank transfer scams overtook card fraud – and with UK victims losing on average £28,203 an hour, it’s absolutely essential the banks move fast on this.

Does your bank offer a Confirmation of Payee? From Which? Find out here.

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

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Safety reminder of House fire – Erith

Firefighters have issued a white goods safety reminder after a house fire on St Brides Close in Erith.

Half of the first floor of a mid-terraced house was damaged by fire. One man left the building before the Brigade arrived. There were no reports of any injuries.

The fire is believed to have been accidental and involved a fridge freezer.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “If your white goods start making a strange noise, don’t ignore it. If you think there’s a problem always unplug it and contact the manufacturer or a qualified repair technician.

"Most fires where white goods are the source of ignition are not down to anything you have done – so always make sure you register your appliances as you’ll be informed if any issues are identified with the product you’ve bought.

“This incident is also a reminder to test your smoke alarms. There were smoke alarms fitted inside the property, but they didn’t operate.

“Smoke alarms give the earliest possible warning when a fire starts. We encourage everyone to have smoke alarms fitted in every room where a fire could start, plus a heat alarm in the kitchen. It's important to test them regularly.”

The Brigade was called at 0026 and the fire was under control by 0118. Four fire engines and around 25 firefighters from Plumstead, Erith, Bexley and East Greenwich fire stations attended the scene.

iPhone users targeted with new Apple Pay text message scam

Scammers are targeting iPhone users with claims that their Apple Pay has been suspended. This latest text scam tells recipients that their Apple Pay – Apple's mobile payment service – has been suspended and that they need to follow a link to reactivate the account. Find out how to spot, avoid and report this scam.

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Beware of BP fuel card scams circulating on Facebook

  click image to view enlarged Rising fuel costs are on scammers’ radars, inspiring them to create new ways of tempting you to part with you...