Wednesday 24 July 2024

Scam Alert: Don't Fall for Fake Housing Repair Calls!

Here at SCAMARAMA, we've seen a surge in reports of phone scams targeting homeowners and tenants. These fraudsters claim to be from a "housing disrepair team" and offer bogus solutions to problems like damp or mould.

Don't be fooled! Here's how to protect yourself:

The Signs of a Scam:

  • Unsolicited Calls: You receive a call out of the blue from someone claiming to represent a housing disrepair team.
  • Phoney Offers: They offer "free" inspections or financial assistance to fix problems you might not even have.
  • Urgency Tactics: They pressure you to make a decision immediately, often using scare tactics.
  • Fake Caller ID: The caller ID might show a seemingly legitimate number, like a local council office.

How to Fight Back:

  • Just Say No: Don't give out personal information like your address or bank details.
  • Hang Up: End the call immediately and don't engage with the scammer.
  • Report the Call: Forward unwanted texts to 7726 (free) to help your mobile provider identify potential scams.
  • Verify Directly: If you're concerned about repairs, contact your landlord or housing association directly using a known phone number or website.

Stay Safe & Informed:

  • Register with TPS: Join the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to reduce unwanted sales calls (
  • Beware of Fake Links: Don't click on any links sent by text message.
  • Use Call Blocking: Consider using a call blocking service to stop unwanted calls.

What to Do If Scammed:

  • Report It: If you've been scammed, report it to Action Fraud (0300 123 2040) or your bank (use the number on your card).

Remember: Legitimate companies won't pressure you for personal information over the phone. Be cautious, stay informed, and don't let scammers take advantage of you!

Monday 22 July 2024

Alert: Phishing Scam Targeting Tax Rebates!

Phishing Scam Targeting Tax Rebates! - Reported

We've identified a phishing scam email targeting taxpayers in the UK. This email claims you have a tax rebate waiting for you for the 2023/2024 tax year.

Here are the red flags to watch out for:

  • Misspelled Domain: The sender's email address claims to be from "," but the UK government website uses the domain GOV.UK (notice the missing "H").
  • Suspicious Link: The link provided to claim the rebate ( is extremely long and contains nonsensical characters. Legitimate government websites will have clear and concise URLs.
  • Generic Greeting: "Best Regards, G.0.V." is an unprofessional way for a government agency to address its citizens.

What to Do:

  • Do not click on any links or attachments in this email.
  • Do not reply to the email.
  • Forward the email as an attachment to to report the scam to the UK government.
  • Delete the email.

How to Claim Your Real Tax Rebate Safely:

  • Visit the official GOV.UK website: Always go directly to the government's website (GOV.UK) for information on tax rebates.
  • Search for "tax rebate" on the GOV.UK website for specific instructions on how to claim your rebate securely.
  • Contact HMRC directly: If you're unsure about your tax situation, contact Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) directly using the phone numbers or contact information provided on the GOV.UK website.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from phishing scams and ensure you claim your tax rebates safely and securely.

Remember: Legitimate government agencies will never ask for your personal information via email. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious emails you receive.

Tools you need to stay ahead of scams visit Stop!Think Fraud at

Sunday 21 July 2024

House fire - Welling 🔥

Four fire engines and around 25 firefighters tackled a house fire on Tyndall Road in Welling.

The first floor of the two-storey building was destroyed by fire. One adult woman was led to safety by firefighters before being taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service.

The Brigade was called at 1303 and the fire was under control by 1411. Crews from Plumstead, Bexley and Eltham fire stations attended the scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: LFB (19 Jul 2024)

Saturday 20 July 2024

Lock Down Your Digital Life: Free Forever Password Management with Bitwarden and Aegis

Are you tired of juggling countless passwords and worrying about cyber threats? It's time to take control of your online security without breaking the bank. This guide will show you how to create an impenetrable digital fortress using two free, powerful tools: Bitwarden and Aegis OTP.

Why Bitwarden and Aegis?

  • Bitwarden: This open-source password manager offers unlimited password storage, secure sharing, and cross-platform compatibility. Best of all, it's completely free!
  • Aegis OTP: A simple, effective app that generates six-digit one-time passcodes (OTP) for added security. Also free.

Together, they form a formidable duo that can protect your sensitive information from prying eyes.

How it Works:

  1. Create a Strong Bitwarden Master Password: This is the key to your digital kingdom. Make it long, complex, and unique.
  2. Store All Your Passwords in Bitwarden: From email to banking, every account deserves a strong, unique password. Let Bitwarden generate and store them securely.
  3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): For an extra layer of protection, use Aegis to generate OTPs for your accounts that support 2FA.
  4. Sync Bitwarden Across Devices: Access your passwords effortlessly on your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Going Premium: When to Consider Paying

While the free versions of Bitwarden and Aegis are excellent, you might consider upgrading to Bitwarden Premium for these additional benefits:

  • Advanced Security Features: Password health reports, breach monitoring, and emergency access.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Biometric authentication, one-click password filling, and family sharing.

If you decide to pay for Bitwarden Premium, you no longer need Aegis, as Bitwarden's built-in authenticator provides similar functionality.

Tips for Maximum Security:

  • Regular Password Audits: Use Bitwarden's features to identify weak or reused passwords.
  • Enable Dark Web Monitoring: Stay informed about potential data breaches.
  • Keep Your Software Updated: Ensure both Bitwarden and Aegis have the latest security patches.
  • Beware of Phishing Attacks: Be cautious of suspicious emails and links.

By combining the power of Bitwarden and Aegis, you can significantly enhance your online security without spending a dime. Take control of your digital life today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable information is protected.

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Friday 19 July 2024

House fire - Crayford 🔥

Four fire engines and around 25 firefighters tackled a house fire on Maiden Lane in Crayford.

Half of the first floor of the two-storey terraced house was damaged by fire. One man suffering burns to his hand and smoke inhalation left the building before the arrival of the Brigade and was taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service.

The Brigade was called at 2132 and the fire was under control by 2258. Crews from Bexley and Erith fire stations and from Kent Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: LFB (16 Jul 2024)

Thursday 18 July 2024

Celebrity deepfakes

A deepfake video is when artificial intelligence is used to create videos of people saying or doing things that never happened. There was a 3,000% increase in the use of deepfake attempts and identity fraud in 2023, according to the identity verification company Onfido.

Which of the following people do you think topped the list of most impersonated celebrities?

Which? have examined several deepfake videos that impersonated celebrities. Read their advice and watch their video to see the telltale clues to watch out for.

Source: Which? (17 Jul 2024)

More fake customer service agents uncovered on X

Which? have uncovered scammers on X (formerly Twitter) posing as real customer service agents for a number of well-known brands over the past few months. Most recently, we found 37 fake Zara accounts that were replying to customers' genuine queries on X in a bid to steal their personal data.

Read their investigation to find out how the Zara scam works and how to spot fake social media posts.

Fake agents on X

Source: Which? (15 Jul 2024)

Scam Alert: Don't Fall for Fake Housing Repair Calls!

Here at SCAMARAMA, we've seen a surge in reports of phone scams targeting homeowners and tenants. These fraudsters claim to be from a &q...