Thursday 7 March 2024

Attention drivers using Stable Lane (DA5 2AW)!

This message is for anyone using Stable Lane to access the equestrian businesses or the Horseshoe Barn party venue.

Important reminder: Stable Lane is a designated Public Bridleway (BW250) from Vicarage Road to Joydens Wood. This means horses have the right of way.

The issue:

  • Some drivers are exceeding the 5mph speed limit for public bridleways, creating a dangerous situation for horse riders and other users.
  • The paved surface of the lane can mislead drivers into thinking it's a regular road, but it's not.

What we ask:

  • Please slow down when approaching horses and riders.
  • Drive with care and caution when passing horses, as they are unpredictable animals.
  • Be aware that liability rests with drivers in the event of an incident, due to the legal status of the lane.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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