Friday, 17 June 2022

Wildfire risk – share to help protect people and places

Nextdoor (social media app) posted the following:-

"This is what a wildfire looks like. Wildfires put people in danger and can devastate natural habitats. With warm weather expected in parts of the country this week, the risk is increased. You can reduce the risk through a few simple actions: -Don’t light fires in the countryside -Only have BBQs where signs allow, or better still – pack a picnic -Take rubbish home with you If you see a fire unattended in the countryside, note its location, get to a safe space and dial 999. Take care this weekend by following the Countryside Code: Share to spread the word. See Nextdoor post for Video credit: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service tackling a wildfire in Yateley, Hampshire (April 2022)"

LFB advice regarding Disposable barbecues are a serious concern as if they are left unattended or not disposed of safely they could result in a huge fire, especially when grass is tinder dry. Disposable barbeques can remain hot and be a fire risk after use, so take care when disposing of them.

LFB are warning people to take care not to overload extension leads after a house fire in #Bexleyheath. There were multiple extension leads plugged in together. Some electrical appliances use more power than others, so be mindful not to overload your sockets

Beware of BP fuel card scams circulating on Facebook

  click image to view enlarged Rising fuel costs are on scammers’ radars, inspiring them to create new ways of tempting you to part with you...