Saturday, 4 June 2022

Report an online scam ad

To report a scam ad, head to

Examples of such ads include:

  • - fake celebrity news, such as reporting a celebrity has been assaulted or has died when that is not true, or links through to websites making these claims
  • - false celebrity endorsements, such as claiming a celebrity made their money through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and is encouraging others to do the same
  • - false claims that a celebrity or TV programme endorses products such as CBD gummies, diet supplements, or other health products
  • - clearly false or outlandish claims for products, for example that a device can save 90% on energy bills, or offering miracle cures.

Beware of BP fuel card scams circulating on Facebook

  click image to view enlarged Rising fuel costs are on scammers’ radars, inspiring them to create new ways of tempting you to part with you...