Monday, 1 August 2022

Avoid and Report Bitcoin Scam sponsored on social media

The video below explains the scam post on social media seen on 1 August 2022. The posted quotes:-

"Thousands flock to ATMs after Martin's interview.

Martin calls on all Britons to take advantage of this...


Martin calls on all Britons to take advantage of this...

Something about your generation I've noticed, she said not unkindly once I had fallen silent, is that you give up very easily. Autumn 2018. A young woman starts a job as a research assistant at Oxford. But she can't shake the feeling that real life is happening elsewhere. Eight months later she find..."

Avoid and Report Bitcoin Scam sponsored on social media as per screenshots of the fake url taken and viewed on the date indicated.

This was reported as misleading scam on Facebook and at

Report a suspicious website

If you have visited a website you think is trying to scam you, report it to the NCSC and they'll investigate. Their reply after reporting:-

"Please read through the information and fill in the form below

Thank you for reporting a suspicious website

We will analyse the content of the website you have sent to us. If we discover activity we believe to be malicious, we will work with the website hosting company to try to get it taken down. 

We are unable to inform you of the outcome of our review, but we can confirm that we do act upon every message received. 

Make yourself more secure online

The NCSC has published plenty of advice that will help you protect yourself from phishing, hackers and other cyber crime.

The NCSC’s top tips for staying secure online

Phishing attacks: how to deal with suspicious messages and emails

Securing your devices".

Needless to say do no click on links that turn out of the blue. Take time to research and check this blog for advice and further information on similar scams. 

For reporting information visit our page at

If you think you've spotted a scam online, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has a tool that you can use to report misleading or scam online ads.

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