Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Bexley Houndwatch - new initiative

Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association are pleased to announce a new initiative – HOUNDWATCH.

This is designed to help prevent dog thefts, collate and raise awareness of antisocial behaviour, and improve the overall safety of dog walkers.

We ask that you

  • as a dog walker come & join us in fighting crime by registering with us for this new initiative.
  • report anything suspicious that you might see while you are walking your dog.
By providing your email address we will be able to send you crime news alerts from within the borough.

What we need you to do

We need you to report anything suspicious that you might see while you are walking your dog. This information can then be circulated to warn other dog owners registered as HoundWatch members.

If you see a crime happening or there is a threat to life call 999. If a crime has already taken place or you need to report something or someone suspicious ring 101.

In both instances, you also need to report what you have witnessed by sending an email to Neighbourhood Watch/HoundWatch at bexleynw@outlook.com
To register for HoundWatch contact Claire Tack at Bexley Neighbourhood Watch via email bexleynw@outlook.com or ring 020 8284 5537.

Visit our Bexley Houndwatch Facebook Group (public) for more information about this new initiative on dog theft Safety advice, reporting and alerts.

We want to thank you for the support you give to Bexley Neighbourhood Watch.  We are very proud of our community and of the people who live in it.  

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