Monday 27 November 2023

Urgent Appeal for Assistance: Stolen Range Rover Sport - LV16TYY

A local borough resident is reaching out to the community for assistance in recovering his beloved a black Range Rover Sport, year 2016, which was stolen from his driveway on Gipsy Road, Bexleyheath on Wednesday, November 22nd, at 22:47 pm. The car's registration number is LV16TYY.

The last known location of his vehicle was on Sydney Road, Bexleyheath, where the tracker was mysteriously removed. This suggests that the perpetrators may have ditched the tracker in this area. However, the tracker's signal still leads to this location, offering a glimmer of hope for its recovery.

Here's a summary of the details:

  • Date of theft: Wednesday, November 22nd
  • Time of theft: 22:47 pm
  • Location of theft: Gipsy Road, Bexleyheath, DA16 1JA
  • Registration number: LV16TYY
  • Last known location: Sydney Road, Bexleyheath

Residents are urged to check CCTV footage and surveillance devices for information. Contact the owner or West Heath Police at or on 101 or 020 8721 2885 with any leads.

Anonymous tips can be reported to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 1111. Police are already involved, but community cooperation is vital.

He has provided attached the only picture he has of his car, taken when it was vandalised. He understood it's not the most ideal image, but he hopes it can still aid in the recovery process.

Stolen Range Rover Sport - LV16TYY

Thank you for your assistance in recovering the stolen car.

Source: Nextdoor

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