Monday, 8 November 2021

Christmas is coming let us stop the thieves getting free gifts at your expense

Are you fed up with crime in your area, vehicle damage, theft or burglary or damage to property as Christmas approaches its a sure thing desperate criminals will be on the lookout for Chrismas gifts.

Neighbourhood Watch tips to deter them:-

  • Don't leave items in your vehicle in view
  • Don't have your christmas trees with gifts underneath especially if in view from your front window.
  • Don't leave boxes from items purchased visible by your bins, this will advertise what you have purchased

If you are out shopping pickpockets will be out in force and will grab your purse, bank or credit cards, mobile etc.
For further information why not join Bexley Neighbourhood Watch now and say no to criminals. 


Telephone: 07496 385471.

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