Monday, 4 October 2021

Protecting Hedgehogs in Bexley


Nearly a quarter of the hedgehogs born into the world die before leaving their nest; probably a half of the rest do not survive their first hibernation. We can all assist hedgehogs that have endured these early adversities in several ways:-


Most of us see more squashed hedgehogs than live ones. Their natural defence mechanism - rolling into a ball - is no protection against ROAD TRAFFIC. All nature-loving people want to do something about this carnage. So, do drive carefully, especially at night, do all you can to avoid hedgehogs that may be crossing the road and if it is safe to do so stop and assist hedgehogs to get across quickly. Ask your friends to be kind to hedgehogs on our roads too.



Hedgehogs are sometimes subjected to DELIBERATE CRUELTY by heartless or thoughtless people. This is now illegal. Should you see this occurring, contact the police or RSPCA. Wildlife Crime must be stopped!

Hedgehogs are protected by British law under Schedule 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, making it illegal to kill or capture them using certain methods. 

They are also protected in Britain under the Wild Mammals Protection Act (1996), prohibiting cruelty and mistreatment.

If the unfortunate hedgehog is injured, try to get it to a Veterinary Surgeon, or local hedgehog carer,and report the matter to the local RSPCA. In any case, please let the British Hedgehog Preservation Society know about it.

The aims of the Society are:-
a) To encourage and give advice to the public concerning the
care of hedgehogs particularly when injured, sick, treated cruelly,
orphaned or in any other danger.
b) To encourage children to respect our natural wild-life - by
supplying information and giving lectures, and thus fostering an
interest in hedgehogs.
c) To fund research into behavioural habits of hedgehogs and to ascertain the best methods of assisting their survival. For further information please send a s.a.e. to:-

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society,
Hedgehog House, Dhustone, Ludlow, 
 Shropshire SY8 3PL
Tel: 01584 890801 E-mail:

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